Q1) How do I setup the plug and play model Foscam IP cameras?

A) You can refer to this link on setting up via the blue "Foscam" Ezlink app :

Q2) After entering my wifi password in the "Foscam" app, it gives me a "timeout" error.

A) Please try attaching a network cable (one end to your camera and the other end to your router) and enter your wifi pw again. Once the wifi is connected on the phone, the cable can be removed:

Alternatively, if your router has a "WPS" button on it, please press and hold on to the "WPS" button on the camera for 2 secs, then press and hold 2 secs on the "WPS" button on the router (camera should not be connected to router with LAN cable).  Wait for 1 minute and the camera should be wirelessly connected to your router.

Q3) I have changed to a new wifi network. How do I connect my camera to my new router?

A) You can either press and hold on the reset button for around 30 secs to reset the camera and follow the steps in Q1) again or connect a LAN cable from the camera to your new router and follow Q2).

Q4) Why can't I view the video when I am on 3G/4G network?

A) To allow the app to use 3G/4G network, select "About" at the bottom right of the blue "Foscam" app, tap on "General" and turn off "Wi-Fi only for live stream" option. If you are still unable to view via 4G, power off and on the camera to try again.


Q5) How do I view the live videos on my computer? 

A) To view via computer, login to the account used for setting up the Foscam app via this website:

For Mac users please use only safari to login. Please install the "plugin"when prompted, if there's error downloading the plugin, please go to "system preference" -> "security & privacy"and allow downloads from both app store and unidentified developer (refer to 12th min of this video:

Q6) How do I do recording on SD card?

A) Simply insert a microSD card to the camera and activate "alarm settings". Format the sd card as shown here: as if the camera is unable to recognise the card. 

To activate SD card recording via PC, please follow these steps:

Q7) How do I configure the wireless settings manually?

A) Please login to the camera with your computer. Go to "Settings"-> "Network"-> "Wireless Settings" -> "Scan", select your wifi name, enter your wifi password and "save" will do.

Q8) How do I do the settings on the non-Plug and play models?

A) Please refer to the link here: Summary setup steps for FI8910W pdf icon


Q9) Do you provide onsite configuration service?
A) Yes, we have freelance Techician  who can go over to your home/office for the configuration on PC and mobile phone. The charges is $80 per trip for up to 3 cameras (additional sets at $10 each).

Q10) Why I can no longer view my cameras via 3rd party app?
A) Foscam has stopped supporting DDNS service from 31 Dec 2020. To continue using 3rd party app like "IP cam viewer" or "livecams pro", you can use your home external IP or subscribe to a free ddns service by following the below steps:

Method 1: Go to under "Your IP" to obtain your home external IP address. This step need to be done with a device (pc or mobile) connected to the same wifi network as your cameras. For example, if your IP is "123.456.7.89", simply enter this numeric IP to replace the "IP/host" on your mobile app (eg IP cam viewer/ livecams pro/ Foscam viewer) will do. Please note that the external IP will changes periodically, therefore you may need to repeat this step whenever your ISP changes your IP.

Method 2: 

i) Go to and click on "sign up". Enter your email, password and new ddns hostname (for use as your new ddns address in the mobile app).

ii) An activation link will be sent to your email address, upon verification of your account, please go to "account info" to set your username. This username, together with the password and hostname created in above step need to be entered in the ddns settings of your camera.

iii) Login to your camera from the PC web browser, go to DDNS service settings and select "No-IP" as the DDNS service. Enter the username, password and hostname you have created in step i and ii and click "submit".


iv) Replace the hostname in your mobile app with the DDNS hostname you have created in no-ip and you should be able to view your cameras again.

For "IP cam viewer" app, go to the "envelop" icon and tap on "Manage Cameras", tap on the camera name and select "edit camera". Replace the "IP/host" (currently should be to the new hostname you created in no-IP.

For livecam pro app, tap into the individual camera, go to "settings" icon at the top right corner, go to "edit" and replace the "host/IP" with your new hostname.

For more info on using no-IP ddns, please refer to this link:

Q6) How do I enable activeX in IE?
A) You can enable activeX by going to > "Tools" > "Internet Options" > "Security" > "Custom Level" > "ActiveX control and Plug-ins". All 3 options of ActiveX control ("Download signed/unsigned activeX" and "Initialize and script
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