Q1) What are the main difference between the various models of Foscam indoor wireless IP cameras?

Q2) What equipment do I need to setup Foscam IP cameras?
A) Just a wireless router with broadband speed of at least 10Mbps and a PC for initial setup. 

Q3) Do I need to on my home PC 24hours to view or record anytime?
A) Just the router needs to be on 24 hrs, but not the home pc.

Q4) Does it record to a SD card?
A) Recording can only be stored on SD card (max 32 GB) all indoor models except FI9851P.

Q5) Does the camera auto record on motion-detection?
A) Yes. For all models, you can select either continuous or motion-detection recording.

Q6) Does the camera always need to be attached to the router?
A) No, it can be connected wirelessly to your router, you can shift to anywhere with power socket in your house as long as the wifi signal is strong enough.

Q7) Does the camera need a power socket or is it battery operated?
A) Yes, the camera needs a power socket. Cannot be operated by battery.

Q8) How long is the cable?
A) Cable length around 1.5 meter. We do sell the extension cables of 3m at $18 each.

Q9) How easy is the configuration of the cameras to the modem/router?
A) Most Plug and Play models can be setup within 5 minutes. For models without the play and plug function, eg FI8909W it will require an additional portforwarding step for remote viewing, complexity depends on the router used.

Q10) Can we remote control the camera to different angles?
A) Yes, remote control of the pan/tilt cam, horizontally 300 degrees, vertically 120 degrees can be done thru any internet PC or 3G phone even when you are in the office or overseas.

Q11) Is it viewable via iphone or Android phones? How is the quality?
A) Yes. Free apps are available for both. "Foscam" or "Foscam Viewer". Sample pic viewed on iPhone as shown:

Q12) What is the difference in viewing angles between the wide angle fixed 100 deg models (eg C1) and pan/tilt 70 deg (rotatable to 300 deg) models (eg FI9821P)?

As seen from the following pics, C1 allows a wider angle to be seen (include partial of the room entrance) but FI9821P has a slightly narrower view (however, it's able to rotate to a wider 300 deg view).

A) Sample pic taken with C1:

Sample pic taken with FI9821P:


Q13) Is there audio feature as well?
A) There is 2 way audio function.

Q14) Will multiple users be able to access from different locations and devices to monitor?
A) Yes. Up to 4 users can login concurrently.

Q15) Does it support multiple camera viewing?
A) You can add as many cameras as you want to the "Foscam" app. However, the footage can be only be viewed one cam at a time.

Q16) How secure is the camera, will there be interference similar to cordless phone?
A) Foscam IP cameras supports comprehensive Wi-Fi encryption through Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2), the latest wireless security algorithm developed specifically for wireless networks. Support of WPA2 encryption indicates the camera complies with all protocols mandated by the system to ensure Wi-Fi signals are secure and to prevent eavesdropping or interception of video and picture transmissions.

Q17) Is there a demo site to view the quality of the video before I place my order?
A) Feel free to visit our retailers at Kallang Leisure Park #02-53 (Tel: 96480386) or Sim Lim Sq #06-45 (Tel: 63363132) to view a demo. Sample images of our 0.3 mpix (FI8910W) and 1.0 mpix (FI9816P) as follow:

FI8910W (0.3 mpix)

FI9816P (1.0mpix)

Q18) Can the cameras be mounted to the wall or ceiling?

A) Yes, all Foscam IP cameras come with mounting bracket. Sample image of the camera when mounted to the wall as shown below:

Q19) How soon can I receive the camera after I place my order through your online form? 

A) You should be able to receive it by the next day. For delivery on weekends, orders must be submitted by Fri 5pm. Alternatively, you can get the products from our partner's retail outlets (refer to "where to buy" page).

Q20) Do you provide onsite configuration service?
A) Yes, we have freelance Engineers who can go over to your home/office for the configuration on PC and mobile phone. The charges is $80 per trip for up to 3 cameras (additional sets at $10 each). Service warranty for onsite service is within 30days. After 30days, follow-up onsite service will be chargeable ($80) and equipments will be repaired with no charges involved (if within 2 yrs warranty).

If mounting is required, our outsourced contractor charges additional $80 (for 1 set only) or $60 per camera (for 2 sets and above). Extension cable (3m) if required for powerpoint more than 1.5m from the place you want to mount is $18 each.

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