1) Baby/ Kids Monitoring

As working parents, you cannot be there with your child 24 hours a day. With Foscam, you can watch them with just a tap on your 3G phone app and never miss a single milestone in your child's growing up process.

For parents who sometimes need to leave the baby alone for a while to catch some personal time, a device like Foscam with it's superb night vision is definitely a worthwhile investment. It allows you to know if baby has woken up and attend to him immediately, thereby minimizing accidents like baby falling from bed.

It is also useful for training your pre-schoolers to sleep alone in their own room and you can even use it to communicate with them via the 2-way audio feature of the Foscam.

2) Pets Monitoring

View your pets anytime whether your are at work or on a vacation. Is the dog sleeping on the sofa? Is the cat scratching your new leather chair? Or just take your eyes off that office pc for a moment to enjoy the relaxing view of your arowana swimming in the tank.

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